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DM Supplement


It is designed to lower blood sugar and also cleanse the blood which helps in delaying the DM progression. Diabetic Mellitus is one of the metabolic syndromes whose progression is extremely slow. The high sugar in the blood increases the fragility of the capillaries, and other vessels in our body depriving the supply of nutrients to the muscles resulting into a skinny and bony body. Without care, eventually blindness may occur.

In order to support and to prevent the progression to DM, the following powerful herbs are used: Bitter Melon, Cucumber, Guava, Soy proteins, Moringa (Borego), Vitamins and Antioxidants,natural vegetable fibers.

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How soon can I see the effect?  While in the chronic state, it will take time to see the effect. There is no way to predict accurately a time line.Is it safe? Yes. Any side effects? If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, do not use. for diabeties, controls sugar.Lowers blood sugar and cleanses the blood, and strengthen capillaries.For people with diabetes


Adult: Take 3 capsule 2-3 times a day after meal.


Bitter Melon, Chirayita, Cucumber, Guava, Soy proteins, Moringa (Borego), Vitamins and Antioxidants and natural vegetable fibers.

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160 capsules, 270 capsules


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