Have a health issue (mental or physical) that you haven’t been able to resolve or need a second opinion on a diagnosis? You have come to the right place. Dr. Mukunda Karmacharya (Dr. Karma) has been consistently and accurately diagnosing patients where other doctors have been unable to for over 20 years. His mission is to heal the world, one patient at a time. Now he is determined to apply his special talents to patients who are too far away to see him in person. If you have a health issue that you haven’t been able to resolve or need a second opinion on a diagnosis then follow these 3 simple steps to long term healing:

1) Submit a short video and description about your health issue below: The video allows Dr. Karma to sense where the energy blockages are in a patient’s system. Please use the description section to add any additional information that will be helpful in diagnosing and treating a patient. Please also attach any blood work or other test results that you think will be helpful for the diagnosis.

2) Remote diagnosis: Identifying the origin of the health issue is the first step towards long term healing and that’s what Dr. Karma will do for you. Dr. Karma has unique abilities including the ability to feel and perceptually see energy blockages in your body. He will uncover the origin of your health issue.

3) Suggested herbal supplements: Born in Nepal, Dr. Karma has had many life experiences in the Himalayas with his father who was a Master Herbalist successfully treating people with his ancient formulas. From his father he learned the art of Herbal Medicine and added his own formulas. Dr. Karma recommends individualized herbal formulas when needed to aid the body in healing. Individualized healing packages are offered at a discount.

Dr. Karma has been successfully diagnosing, treating, and developing individualized herbal medicines for over 20 years. He specializes in alternative medicine, including creating herbal formula’s that provide natural healing and are proven effective.