To perform this exercise, lie on your back either on a firm bed or on a spread yoga mat on the floor. The body is positioned with the palms facing upward, parallel and close to the body with the toes facing upward as well. You may adopt the breathing of yoga or just normal breathing. While lying flat on your back, make a fist in both hands while relaxing both feet.

Step 1

Flex your right wrist by pulling your fist towards your shoulder (keep your arms straight) and at the same time, flex your right foot by pulling your toes toward your knee. While flexing the right side (wrist and toes) the left wrist remains relaxed while the left toe is extended pointing down away from the knee.

Step 2

Do the opposite of step 1 – relax the right wrist , extend the right toe (pointing down away from the knee). At the same time, flex your left wrist and point your left toe. *Alternate between steps 1 and 2 for ten minutes. Ideally each repetition will take 15 count per 10 seconds depending on the individual’s condition. Eventually you will find your own comfort level. **Ideally laying down is the best position, but this beneficial exercise can be preformed while standing or sitting. Ideally this effort should be performed daily for 10-20 minutes preferably in the morning upon awakening.