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Richard P.

After visiting two other acupuncturists I found a listing for Dr Karmacharya (aka Dr Karma) and went to visit him for treatment on my left knee. I had been experiencing chronic pain since a weightlifting session in the gym that left me with what I thought was a simple pulled muscle. However it never healed and the pain worsened to the point that I had to support myself going down the stairs. Our house is on multiple levels so this unfortunately was a frequent occurrence. Moreover if I attempted to squat down the pain I experienced standing back up was excruciating. I was concerned that if I visited a western doctor I would quickly find myself having surgery and this was something that I wanted to avoid if at all possible. Unfortunately the last acupuncturist I saw, prior to visiting Dr Karma, was not very encouraging and suggested I get an MRI. Instead I decided to try one more acupuncturist. I was focused on someone with TCM experience [...]

Susan Pierson

I took Radiance Shot after I was tired of severe sweating and hot flashes. I got relief within a few hours of taking it!! I kept using it and in 3 days noticed how it affected my skin. It helped my skin tone brighten and also seemed to take away any puffiness. I don't really believe in quick fixes but this actually did beautify as well as take away my discomfort. I now keep a store of these shots at home!

Linda Mae

I am a 73 year old woman with aging facial skin. I have used many products to counteract the wrinkling and to try and smooth my facial skin. I was considering having a laser procedure on my lower face and jaw area where I had cross linking lines. However, after using Dr. Karma's Skin Lifter for about 60 days, I am happy to say that my facial condition has greatly improved and is much smoother. I do not feel the need for laser procedure now and am very pleased and happy with the results. I highly recommend this product. Dr. Karma's Expel All is an amazing liquid parasite tincture and probably saved me from having to go to the hospital. I bought fresh farm eggs at the Farmers Market and added one to my usual protein shake. I've eaten raw eggs for years without a problem. But this time, I was up all that night with extremely painful colon cramps that lasted into the next day. I was [...]

Marie Monet

The products are wonderful and they leave my skin very smooth. There is no sticky after feel to the products they go on very smooth and are a joy to use.Thank you for sending the products to me!

L Schmidt

I have never written a review before and I have never been so compelled to want to write one as I am now. I have had the extreme pleasure of using Dr. Karma's, lipothn, fibro cocktail, and anxlyse over the last month. Since my surgery in 2010, I was left paralyzed on the right hand side of my body and had to learn how to walk and write again. My spinal cord was damaged and after a great deal of therapy I was left with numbness and no ability to differentiate between hot and cold on the right-hand side of my body. Since using the three above mixtures from Dr. Karma, I have regained the ability to normalize my temperature, reduce the numbness and the inflammation in my body. Yes, and even lost 23 pounds! while overcoming orthodox medications. If you want to get back to feeling 20 years younger and feeling like you have never felt before. Do not hesitate, do not think, but, run to Dr. [...]

Mary Anne T.

I found a beautiful and peaceful setting at the Karma Holistic Center. Thanks to Dr. Karma's care, I was able to find improved well-being for my 96 year old Mother. Her circulation, and color were better when we left the center. It was evident that his acupuncture treatment and hands on healing, using energy and warmth, provided her with tangible improvement. That's a lot to say for someone of her age, and it is true. His thorough training in western and other medical traditions allows him to understand a person's current state, and start right away with providing them some improvement in how they feel and move. I have to say one feels his time is there for you for what you need, unrushed. One feels complete after a visit. Thanks so much for your attention, Dr. Karma.

Carol A.

When I first started to see Dr. Karma, I had multiple symptoms, My whole body felt off balance. First, Dr. Karma treated me for migraine headaches with acupuncture. He then treated me for the hormonal imbalance, that treatment also helped with the rest of the symptoms that are related to my hormones. I started taking his supplement HepaCtn for my liver, and CapaCtn for my lungs. I’m happy to say that I feel balanced, the fuzzy feeling and always feeling tired are gone. I have lost weight because I have more energy. I would like to thank Dr. Karma for restoring the balance in my body, and my mood has also gotten better (All my friends thank him for that)!

Denise S.

Dear Dr. Karma, I came to see Dr. Karma for general fatigue and back pain. After just a few treatments, not only did I experience relief, I felt re-energized in unexpected ways, especially in my work.

Ron & Virginia K.

Thank you very much for taking care of me. I truly admire your dedication, compassion and your sense of responsibility. You are a wonderful doctor and we are blessed to have you at MOA. One more time, thank you!

Irene A.

I am 57 years old and when I consulted Dr. Karma, I weighed 99 lbs. and barely had enough energy to function. I’ve had Chronic Fatigue syndrome for 25 years and frequently ill, anxious and depressed. After nearly 2 years of taking Dr. Karma’s Supreme Reviver Tonic and Congested Lung Tonic, I now weigh 110 labs. And am able to enjoy life once again with more energy and less illness. Although I still have a ways to go towards optimal health, I am certain I will be under Dr. Karma’s care.

Lark H.

I just want to thank you for the Verben you gave me to take for the problem I was having with my eyes watering and burning. It has made a wonderful difference, and I now have only an occasional episode of these unpleasant symptoms, rather than experiencing them at least once a day. I am also very grateful for the medication you have been applying to my arthritic forefingers;” Chemapres”. The pain in these fingers used to wake me up at night quite often, and now after several of your applications, this hardly ever happens anymore. I feel also that the monthly acupuncture treatments I am taking from you are very beneficial to my total health. Thank you Dr. Karma


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