After visiting two other acupuncturists I found a listing for Dr Karmacharya (aka Dr Karma) and went to visit him for treatment on my left knee. I had been experiencing chronic pain since a weightlifting session in the gym that left me with what I thought was a simple pulled muscle. However it never healed and the pain worsened to the point that I had to support myself going down the stairs. Our house is on multiple levels so this unfortunately was a frequent occurrence. Moreover if I attempted to squat down the pain I experienced standing back up was excruciating. I was concerned that if I visited a western doctor I would quickly find myself having surgery and this was something that I wanted to avoid if at all possible. Unfortunately the last acupuncturist I saw, prior to visiting Dr Karma, was not very encouraging and suggested I get an MRI. Instead I decided to try one more acupuncturist. I was focused on someone with TCM experience as several years prior I had visited an acupuncturist with good results.

Well, from my first session with Dr Karma the pain was reduced and I had a strong conviction after I left that I had finally found someone who could successfully treat the problem. I saw him twice a week for the next 3 weeks and perhaps 4 sessions thereafter. End Result? The pain was completely gone and I had full range of motion again without discomfort. Dr Karma’s treatments were the reason I was able to avoid having a surgical procedure and its attendant costs, recovery time and risks. He is a gifted healer and I am very thankful that I found him.

One other note…my two daughters and my wife and I continue to see him every 4-6 weeks for general health and rebalancing purposes. Highly recommended.