Stress Relief Spray

Stress Relief Spray


  • An aid for unbalanced stress
  • Relaxed spasms and aids sleep
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Sleep is a beautiful thing. The flow of Qi and Essence are rejuvenated by a relaxing healing sleep. Stress is part of the life force. As long as balance is achieved with a good night’s sleep, Qi and stress are equal partners in the flow of life. Qi and Essence are the life force! A subtle change in these two vital ingredients of life causes waves, as wind over the ocean, that induce the life force to move on as stress, which can be positive or negative.


before bed time spray or patch on the back of the shoulder bilateral.


If you patch or spray do not drive

Other Information

The kidneys secrete cortisol also known as the “stress hormone” and researchers suspect it plays a much larger role in our health. Now, high cortisol level in the evening shows the memory problem in the elderly. But, it is still controversial. Dr. Robert Corgi, M.D. States, “whether high cortisol levels cause memory problems or memory problems spike the cortisol level. Lynnette Niemann M.D. *States, “day to day cortisol levels, whether they are high or low, might make a difference to our overall health”. Cortisol levels in our blood control this harmony of our biorhythm. Certainly, this stress hormone plays a major role in our everyday life regulating blood sugar levels, immune response, metabolism, blood pressure, and electrolytes.

The kidneys control cortisol production and cortisol controls the mind. Emotional stress affects the mind, which may cause a disharmony of the internal organs. Any disharmony, whether it is due to a deficiency or excess of imbalance, whether emotional or physical, *affects Blood and Essence and this leads to insomnia

Sources of emotional stress can include worry or anger; principle sources of physical stress are diet, overwork, and childbirth. Excessive worry generates heart fire resulting in blood deficiency causing palpitations, dizziness and confusion. Anger affects heart and liver generating liver fire that goes up pressing the heart and depressing the central nervous system. Timidity affects gall bladder resulting in Qi deficiency. Physical causes can include a careless diet of greasy food, hot and spicy food, and red meat causes phlegm heat that also disturbs sleep. Overwork devastates essence of the heart and kidney leaving you with Yin deficiency lowering production of cortisol, Finally, childbirth affects heart and liver causing blood deficiency.

Stress Patch, or Spray, generates a favorable environment to make you relax and have a sound sleep. If you get balanced, you get everything.

Stress-Patch allows for PURE SLEEP reversing insomnia. Pure sleep moves the unbalanced state towards a balanced state. A person who is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy has abundant Qi.

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

How to use the Stress Spray or Stress Patch:

Spray or apply patches on the shoulder, trapezius muscles, on either side of the neck. Gently massaging the neck and trapezius muscles, opens blockages along meridian channels allowing passage of Qi or neurotransmitter to the central nervous system relieving tension and providing for deep and rejuvenating sleep.

NOTE : This is the area for stimulation of the gall bladder, San Jiao and small intestine meridian channels. These three channels influence the body in significant ways: the Gall Bladder channel clears the area of the head where mental force works, the San Jiao channel helps generating the energy for the process and small intestine channel aids in calming the heart.


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Aqua, Sea Minerals, Sodium Chloride, Rice Ferment, Glycerin, Isopropyl Alcohol and Natural Fragment Oil.


Relaxed spasms and aids sleep

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1 oz, One set of patch

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  1. LeAnn Schmidt

    I have suffered from insomnia from childhood. Many doctors have given me different things to try, but, I always had terrible side effects so I stopped using them. After one treatment of Dr. Karma’s stress patch I slept solidly for 8 hours. If you too want the best sleep you’ve ever had please give these a try. I’ll never go without them again!!

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