Fibro Cocktail

Fibro Cocktail


  • Gives energy and helps with concentration, stress relief
  • For people with fibromyalgia, lacking focus and concentration, confusion, and under stress
  • It just like a Brain Battery or Brain Charger.
  • Before going to a seminar take a dropper full 20 min before, everything clicks and also supply energy.


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Trace minerals are so important in order to maintain optimum health. The vital minerals like Se, Cr, Zn, Fe, Mg, Mn, Cu, P, Na, K, Ca, I,……. etc are essential for the metabolic processes in our body. Without them, or with their deficiency, results in severe blockages to the metabolic reactions in throughout the body and thus becomes the cause of many diseases and illness.

This supplement “Fibro Cocktail” contains a powerful combinations of essential vitamins, extracts of immune boosting herbs, liver tonifying herbs. In addition it also includes more than 80 different varieties of natural minerals as well as the three strains of Ling Zhi and Shitake mushroom. This formulation is specifically designed to help maintain a higher standard in healthy living for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndromes.

In CFS &FMS, some of the trace minerals and vitamins that are crucial in maintaining the immune system are missing or deficient and also some of the enzymes that are involved in energy formation are not working properly resulting in the onset of disease and negative conditions.


Take 10-20 drops under the tongue and hold for a couple of minutes then swallow. Repeat Three to four times a day in the beginning and then gradually taper off to two times a day. Later on just adjust as needed. Slowly, you can find your own frequency and thus you can adjust your need from one time a day to four times a day.


It contains a powerful combination of essential vitamins, extracts of immune boosting herbs, liver tonifying herbs. In addition it also includes more than 80 different varieties of natural minerals as well as the three strains of Ling Zhi and Shitake mushroom.


Helps Fifomyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, improve Brain Health, Brain Fog. Memory and Concentration.

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7 reviews for Fibro Cocktail

  1. Tod Frueh

    Since I have been a patient of Dr.Karma’s for several months now, I have seen an overall noticeable improvement in my energy levels. The acupuncture he is doing to repair my shoulder is really working and seems to be helping the rest of me as well. Taking his *fibro cocktail *adds to my overall general well being. It provides noticeable improvement in my thinking and mental clarity within minutes. I find it particularly useful as a quick pick me up if I am going into a meeting or have to make a presentation ` better than coffee. I believe using fibro cocktail as a daily tonic really helps.

    “If you do not take time to be well~You will take time to be sick”

    Thank you Dr. Karma
    Tod Frueh

  2. Renee Fraser, PhD

    The fibro cocktail is an amazing way to reduce stress and gain energy. Only 20 minutes after I take it I feel energized and focused. It is a great natural way to get energized and feel better quickly

    Renee Fraser, PhD
    CEO, Fraser Communications

  3. Martin Daly

    I use the fibrococktail at work almost daily to clear my head, give me energy, and help me focus. It is especially useful to take in the
    morning when I’m trying to wake up and before meetings in the afternoon when it’s hardest for me to stay focused and awake. Fibrococktail
    is a much better alternative to drinking coffee.

    Martin Daly

  4. Lynda M.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Karma’s for several months now and during this very short time, I have already seen improvement in my symptoms of chronic pain and what I would consider to be severe Fibromyalgia. I have been a chronic pain patient for over five years including a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia from three different doctors over the last three years. Since being referred to Dr. Karma at the Heath Integration Center and started his treatments along with his “Fibro Cocktail”, for the first time in many years I feel like there is hope to become better and live a normal life. I would highly recommend his services and products to anyone who is suffering from Fibromyalgia or other problems, either newly diagnosed or searching for help when you have found no previous relief.

    Lynda M.

  5. Renee Fraser

    The fibro cocktail is terrific. I find that 15 minutes after taking it.I feel so much better: more energy and focus and much less stress.As a business executive it is a valuable natural way for me to be moreproductive\

    Renee Fraser, PhD
    CEO, Fraser Communications

  6. Sandra Cain

    I have suffered for over 10 years from Lupus, Fibromyalgia, as well as chronic fatigue.I have been treated with traditional medications and some Vitamins IVs a couple of times a month for almost eight years. I could barely get up in the morning mostly sleeping late and when not sleeping operating in a mental fog.
    After having a few weeks of treatment with Dr.Karma, I have felt an increase in my energy levels and mental alertness. I am not feeling as sleepy during the day as before, and am able to start exercising a little more each week. The acupuncture treatment and his vitamins drops ( Fibro Cocktail Under the Tongue) in addition to his liver formula (HepaCtn ) are working to improve my stamina and overall health in a very short time. I have hope now that I can regain my freedom and I am looking forward to getting functional, again thanks to DR.Karma.

    Sandra Cain

  7. Susan Vigil

    So, why is Fibro Cocktail so great for your health? What are its great health benefits? The health benefits of fibro cocktail are far reaching and astounding. So much so that many think its benefits are exaggerated. I feel so much energy, my vision is clearer and my energy is amazing. I feel like my mind, spirit and body are 30 something again.

    Thank you Dr. Karma.

    Susan Vigil
    Legal Secretary/Paralegal

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