I am a 73 year old woman with aging facial skin. I have used many products to counteract the wrinkling and to try and smooth my facial skin. I was considering having a laser procedure on my lower face and jaw area where I had cross linking lines. However, after using Dr. Karma’s Skin Lifter for about 60 days, I am happy to say that my facial condition has greatly improved and is much smoother. I do not feel the need for laser procedure now and am very pleased and happy with the results. I highly recommend this product.

Dr. Karma’s Expel All is an amazing liquid parasite tincture and probably saved me from having to go to the hospital. I bought fresh farm eggs at the Farmers Market and added one to my usual protein shake. I’ve eaten raw eggs for years without a problem. But this time, I was up all that night with extremely painful colon cramps that lasted into the next day. I was doubled over with pain every few minutes. This was on a Sunday and I was thinking that I would get antibiotics on Monday but about 5:00pm I remembered the Expell All. My friends drove to Dr. Karma’s clinic and brought home a bottle of Expel All. I started taking about 20 drops in a little water and within 20 to 30 minutes all pain and cramping stopped. I took another 20 drops before bed, around 10:00pm. I slept through the night pain free. I continued to take this product twice a day for a couple more days just to ensure all critters were dead. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Great to have on hand in case of unforeseen problems and emergency illness.