• Eliminates hangover from alcohol
  • Best Hangover Cure


An ancient secret from the mountains of Nepal, passed down through generations exclusively blended to prevent hangovers.
Holiday season is upon us and that means fabulous food, great parties and all those holiday drinks. The combination of the powerful herbs in NO HANGOVER clears the alcohol from the blood stream, not only faster, but also assists the ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase ) enzyme in breaking down alcohol on a “fast tract”, into water and carbon dioxide. Thus, delivers the NO HANGOVER next morning. You’ll feel refreshed and renewed.


Mix one vial of No Hangover in a glass of 4oz of water. Drink before going to sleep. Wake up refreshed and hangover free.


Milk Thistle: (Silymarin) Extraordinary antioxidant properties in addition to its anti-aging nature to hepatocytes (liver cells) which protect and support the healthy liver function.
Vervain Blue: Essential stimulating effect on the liver and other vital organs, as well as its relaxing effect on the nervous system.
Jacaranda: contains a powerful natural substance–glutamic acid–with healing abilities It is an antibacterial and also protects liver cells and enhance the healthy liver function.
Atractylodis: This herb is helpful for those who tend to experience diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, vomiting and fatigue. Also helps to remove the damp from the internal system due to alcohol which may cause edema, phlegm retention, and vertigo.
Citrus Sinensis: Immature mandarin orange peel, known as qing pi acts primarily on the liver to promote good liver function.
Licorice: The herb’s anti-inflammatory properties help calm liver inflammation. Licorice both protects the liver and promotes healing in this vital organ. Licorice also has the ability to fights the virus commonly causing hepatitis and supplies valuable antioxidant compounds and thus help maintain the overall liver health.
Mint: Mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food not to mention a pleasant flavor.
Sorbic Acid: Natural organic compound used as preservative.

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