Expel All


  • Removes unwanted parasites from the body
  • For people with stomach flu, amoeba, cysticercosis, and suffering from food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea
  • Help UTI, Remove Parasites from the body.
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Parasites are unavoidable and normally enter our body via our foods. The eggs of these parasites exist on eggs, meat, seafood, every fruit and vegetables and also in canned foods, that we consume. These eggs also can access our body from insect bites, walking barefoot, human contact, animal contact, drinking water, eating under cooked meats and fish and numerous other ways.

There are about 3000 known and 1,800 varieties of studied microscopic strains of parasites. The environment in our body; warm, moist and dark happens to be perfect for hatching the eggs. They enter the blood stream where there are 60 trillion cells which then carry the parasites throughout the entire body. When we eat a meat drink liquids with the food, the liquids dilute the acid and enzymes. The acids are there to break down food and will also help to kill the eggs. In the absence of acids, the eggs pass through the stomach and enter the intestines and can hatch.

Almost all of us have parasites in our body. When given the opportunity they cause diseases or negative symptoms, vague symptoms of unknown origin which often get worse . In addition, the parasites cause cellular damage, and produce toxins that disturbs our immune system and degrade the health of their host. Numerous health challenges , sickness, diseases are the direct results of continued exposure and infestation.
The body dumps these parasites through the Kidneys, Bladder and Colon. But, we have a way to eliminate these parasite from human body. We recommend “EXPEL ALL” to eliminate these parasites.


  • The recommended dose is 20 drops 3 times a day in water, 10 minutes before you eat.
  • It usually takes 31–45 days using the 2 oz bottle to get rid of the parasite from the body.
  • I also recommend as maintenance, take the same doses for 3 consecutive days, once a month.
  • Most people do not experience any uncomfortable side effects.


Tincture of Chaparron, Amargoso, Fresh Cloves, Oregano, Wormwood and Black Walnut in a 25% alcohol solution.


Help UTI, Remove Parasites from the body.

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  1. Linda Mae

    Dr. Karma’s “Expel All” is an amazing liquid parasite tincture and probably saved me from having to go to the hospital. I bought fresh farm eggs at the Farmers Market and added one to my usual protein shake. I’ve eaten raw eggs for years without a problem. But this time, I was up all night with extremely painful colon cramps that lasted into the next day. I was doubled over with pain every few minutes. This was on a Sunday and I was thinking that I would get antibiotics on Monday but about 5:00 pm I remembered the Expell All. My friends drove to Dr. Karma’s clinic and brought home a bottle of Expel All. I started taking about 20 drops in a little water and within 20 to 30 minutes all pain and cramping stopped. I took another 20 drops before bed, around 10:00 pm. I slept through the night pain free. I continued to take this product twice a day for a couple more days just to ensure all critters were dead. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Great to have on hand in case of unforeseen problems and emergency illness.
    – Linda Mae.

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