Dietary Supplements

  • Anxlyse

    Reduces anxiety, panic and depression
  • CapaCtn

    • Dilates the bronchiole
    • Increases the capacity of the lungs
    sore throat, clear common cold, increase lung capacity
    • Provides immediate pain relief and long term healing to muscles, tendons, and cartilage
  • ChemoRx

    •  Reduces side effects of chemotherapy like muscular pain, bone pain etc.
    • Also enhances the immune system
    • May help with related hair loss as well

    • Good supplement for male enhancer
    • Helps to strengthen muscles
    Strengthen soft tissue, generate Nitric Oxide, energize the body and well being.
  • Prevention is the golden medicine. The cluster population is the source of our infections, the signs, and symptoms appear 2 – 5 days after exposure. The US CDC and prevention suggests being in quarantine after positive test result. Masking, keeping social distance and But we are all in pre-quarantine situation. I believe and suggest start taking natural antipyretic, for prevention, even when there is no sign of fever or other symptoms that may come slowly and exaggerate with time. Early giving or taking antipyretic can calm down the COVID-19 such that it does not explode and pollute our environment. It stops producing more cluster population. Covid-19 is geared by fever. The main crucial problem is the hyperthermia or the fever causing hemolysis that brings various complications. I believe that lowering the fever rapidly to normal within an hour the activity of COVID-19 will slow down the process.
    Strong Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, and Antiviral. Prevent infectious diseases. (Fever gears the infectious diseases including Covid-19 by rapid dropping of the fever prevent the spread).
    • Good for bowel movement
    • Cleans the walls of the colon
    • For people with constipation
    Resolves costipation.
  • COMBO was formulated to produce male as well as female to support their libido.


    Increase libido in both male and female

    •  Helps to grow the optimal floral bacteria and supplements the internal system
    • Prevents the formation of cellulite and the dreaded “beer belly.”


    Improve the digestion supplying food to grow natural flora.
  • DM Supplement

    • Lowers blood sugar
    • For the patients of Diabetic Mellitus


    Lower the blood sugar, increase the capillary health and blood flow.
    • Removes unwanted parasites from the body
    • For people with stomach flu, amoeba, cysticercosis, and suffering from food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea
    • Help UTI, Remove Parasites from the body.
  • Fibro Cocktail

    • Gives energy and helps with concentration, stress relief
    • For people with fibromyalgia, lacking focus and concentration, confusion, and under stress
    • It just like a Brain Battery or Brain Charger.
    • Before going to a seminar take a dropper full 20 min before, everything clicks and also supply energy.
    • Enhances the immune system
    • Provides protection against flu


    Protection from Flu and Cold.



    1 oz


  • Gastron

    • Calms the stomach
    • Improves the digestion


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