The concept of the Yin and the Yang is so simple and at the same time complex as they signify the life force. When these units exist in combination, they signify the existence of life. With regard to the body once they separate from each other our lungs stop breathing and the heart stops pumping, the vigorous waves in the arteries, veins, capillaries and in the organ systems pacify, thus physical life ends.

Health stands on a pivotal balance between the Yin and the Yang. While in balance, our body is full of resources of energy, strong immunological defense that can stand any kind of alien invasion from non self. Nothing can touch the body and the biorhythm state of harmony continues.

At this state of balance, all the systemic receptors in the body are ready to do their jobs like absorbing the essential elements from the nutritional supplements and foods to support the body’s needs. The body can thus absorb the essence from the environment to support mental health.

If we do not promptly listen to the murmur of our body and put it in balance, then the disharmony in the system appears and slowly progresses to other signs and symptoms of disease.

The pathologic progression of the disharmony can be divided in the following way: disharmony, sub acute, pre acute, acute, post acute, sub chronic, pre chronic, chronic and extreme chronic. These are the hypothetical down hill patterns of balance. If we can achieve balance, we can get the body back to the previous healthy state. It will take more time to achieve balance if we have progressed to the chronic state.

The ability of the receptors to absorb decreases with the state of progression to the chronic state. The normal health situation fluctuates between pre acute and sub acute state of disharmony, which can be easily returned to the previous state of balance by means of immediate treatment. Once the disharmony proceeds to the acute state, it still can get back to the previous state of balance but will take more care and time to get back. The time to get back depends upon the degree of progression of the condition and the ability of the organ system to absorb essential elements from the food, supplements or even the medication. I’ve had patients say, “I am eating the best food, taking the best supplements and have good care from my doctor, but I don’t feel any better”. This is the state of an extreme chronic condition which is the toughest condition of the disease where the absorbability is almost negligible.