Dear Dr. Karma,

I am glad to write a testimonial about my wife Sue’s near-drowning incident in June 2000. After 72 hours in the critical/intensive care unit, doctors presented us with a very bleak prognosis of her condition. Among other things, it was said that if she was removed from the ventilator, she would stop breathing. Approximately 2 years later, Dr. Karma started treating her. Today, she is breathing without any mechanical devices. Dr. Karma’s treatment along with his herbal medicine has made a tremendous difference in her condition. Instead of going through severe diaphoresis and posturing all the time, she rests comfortably almost all the time. Her vital signs are normal. I attribute the positive changes in her condition to Dr. Karma’s treatment. Seeing her doing so well for so long, has given the entire family a great hope for her full recovery.

Warmest Regards