In my early teen years I began to have digestion issues. Eventually it led to constant colds and sinus infections until I started developing signs of mono. I was exhausted and constantly felt weak, dizzy with trouble concentrating. I had an irregular cycle and my mood swings were becoming worse and worse. I was quickly falling into a state of depression.

My eating habits were also affected. I no longer had an appetite for food because I couldn’t digest anything properly. My face was pale and I felt constantly bloated. I had dark circles permanently engraved under my eyes and my eyes had sunk deep into my head. I never had any acne problems but now I had broken out. Worst of all I had trouble sleeping because I was constantly dealing with nightmares.

Not only was I changing physically but emotionally as well. I had negative thoughts constantly. I could no longer control my emotions as I would cry instantly for no reason.

As an elite athlete I was use to training hard and being active yet I could barely get myself out of bed to go to class.
All of these symptoms continued to accumulate. My blood tests showed all of my levels to be in normal range. I was feeling helpless and frustrated because I was like a lost cause. I was tentative to meet with Dr. Karma because I felt so hopeless. He looked at my blood tests and heard my symptoms. He immediately diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. By using four different methods- acupressure, acupuncture, infrared radiation, and energy therapy – Dr. Karma began to give me treatments. He also eliminated all of the different vitamins I was taking and gave me 4 holistic medications to focus on- Immune Booster, CapaCtn, Hepacure (HepaCtn), and Hemoglobin. Slowly now after 8 years of dealing with my imbalance Dr. Karma has calmed my mind by giving me the hope that I need in order to overcome this. I am so thankful because I am regaining my energy and returning to my joyful self.